Posted on Apr 11, 2019

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Bring on the Spring!
Yes, it’s been a long winter! Now it’s time to cast off our heavy coats and welcome the best parts of spring—more home sales and more satisfied clients. Your friends at A-Pro Home Inspection are here to help!
Ceiling Stains Demand a Professional Looking
Out—and Up—for Your Clients
One of the most common problems found during a home inspection are stains on the ceiling. For your home-buying and selling clients, the sight of an unattractive ceiling Rorschach blot can only mean one thing: water.
Need a Good Carpenter? Don’t Call These Guys.
While termites get the lion’s share of the attention when discussing wood-destroying insects in a home, carpenter ants deserve more than a passing mention. These six-legged menaces can, in some cases, cause damage to a home’s wood structures, such as main beams and wall studs.
Take a Seat and Read about Toilet Inspections
Nobody said the job of the home inspector was easy. If you’ve ever tried to negotiate a crawl space, you know what we’re talking about. Here are some of the problems a home inspector will report on:
• Is the toilet firmly connected to the floor? Poor connections can mean leaks, which can lead to costly water damage. Loose toilets are one of the most common problems found by home inspectors.
A Final Thought: When your clients need home inspections this spring– or any season – give your local team at A-Pro a call. We’ve performed thousands of inspections from coast to coast since 1994.
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