Posted on Aug 2, 2019

A-Pro Home Inspection Albuquerque Metro


When the weather gets warm outside, it’s easy for mold spores to enter a home in a number of ways— moving through vents and air conditioning systems, hitching rides on family members and pets, or clinging to bags, purses, clothing, and shoes. For homeowners, what isn’t easy is figuring out what to do once you’ve spotted what appears to be mold in the house. Hiring a home inspector certified to test for mold—like those at A-Pro Home Inspection—is a smart idea, especially since mold left unchecked in a home can cause everything from skin irritation to pulmonary issues. The only way to know if there is a problem is to test for it. If mold is present, your home inspector can make recommendations on the next steps to get it cleaned up and ways to lessen the chances of it reoccurring.

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